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How do I subscribe to LifeAt Pro?

Create a LifeAt account. You must verify your account if you sign up via email.

Once logged in, click the "🚀 Upgrade" button at the top of the site, or open the Account Settings from the main dropdown menu.

Click on the "🚀 Upgrade" button
Choose the plan that fits your needs!
Enter your payment information and complete your transaction via Stripe, our third party payment handling service.
Return to LifeAt and enjoy LifeAt Pro.

How do I cancel my subscription to LifeAt Pro?

Click on the profile icon

Click “Manage Subscription”

Click “Cancel Plan”

How do I change my account from monthly to yearly?

If you are on a monthly subscription and would like to upgrade to an annual plan, please email and mention in the subject: “Request to upgrade Pro from monthly to yearly”

Why should I pay for LifeAt Pro?

Running and maintaining a website like LifeAt is expensive. Please consider supporting us so that we can be around for the long term. We love our free users, but we also want to build a productivity platform that makes the lives of knowledge workers much better. To do that, we need revenue to support product development.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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