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Inviting Friends to Your Room

Joining the Room

Copy and paste the invitation link in your browser

Join from either your “Browser” or “Desktop App”

To join the video call, click “Join” or just chill in the lobby area

Also, you can also navigate to your recently joined rooms by clicking on the home button, located in the top left corner of your app!


How to invite friends to your room?

Click “Invite” and send your room link to others.


Go to room settings and make sure your room is unlocked so others can join

Room Settings

To start a video call, simply click the “video” button

Video Call

I can't join my friend's room

You must have mic and camera enabled. Please check your browser or laptop settings to make sure LifeAt has permission.
Please note that you can’t join LifeAt via. your mobile at this time.

If you’re receiving an error below, that means the room has been locked by the host. Please contact the host to unlock the room.

Your host settings should look like this:

Why can't I join the video call?

In order to join a video call, you need to have a subscription to our Pro tier.

My friends joined but I can't see them in my room

You and your friend need to have a camera and microphone on your device otherwise the group video call won't work at all.
You can also try refreshing the screen by “Command+R” on keyboard

I keep getting an error when trying to start or join a room

Please double check if your camera and mic settings are enabled.

Mac Desktop:

Updated on: 04/23/2024

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